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Thought For Food

From seed, to soil, to plate: as chefs and food providers we have a great responsibility because we have the privilege of feeding more people, and therefore have a larger impact on the systems of production and creation.

We source from farms that practice regenerative agriculture, who care for the wellness and safety of their land, livestock, and workers, and inherently produce the most delicious and nutritious food. The food we provide in every form, whether in a large catering event or private dining format, honors and highlights outstanding product while simultaneously supporting those who make it possible.

While studying sustainability in college, Matthew began volunteering at its 80 acre biodynamic farm and developed an appreciation for the superiority of local, responsibly grown produce. After college he worked at the Michelin starred restaurant Bâtard, gaining invaluable experience in ingredient integrity, food service, and execution at the highest level.

A lifelong vegetarian, Emma has always been interested in the widespread detrimental effects of the conventional food industry for both people and the planet. While studying nutrition, she constantly found herself at the farmers market, and fell in love with the people and the produce.





So the Planet Lasts

Sourcing directly and exclusively from local farms eliminates unnecessary processing, packaging, and transportation. We choose to only support farms that understand their role in regenerative agriculture and a sustainable food production system.


High functioning institutions deserve high functioning food. Your company matters, your employees matter, your food matters, and the planet matters. We can help you increase efficiency and decrease your environmental impact, in a tasteful way.


Catering and Private Dining

We create delicious and innovative culinary experiences that are aesthetically captivating. We understand that each event is its own unique experience and love designing menus tailored to your goals. Proposal available upon request.


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